Cabbage​/​Oxblood Split

by Cabbage

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released December 5, 2016

Ryan, Coffin, and Druzy were recorded by Oxblood (Aimee, Will Kennedy, Matt Horowitz), Produced by Will and Evan.

Right, Far Out, and Faster were recorded by Cabbage (Beth Miller, Steve Darling, Austin Burkey, Jake Scallion), Produced by Jake.

Album art by Beth



all rights reserved


Cabbage Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Beth Miller - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Darling - Drums
Zoe Talkin - Bass

Former Members:
Austin Burkey - Bass
Jake Scallion - Guitar

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Track Name: Ryan
i only talk to ghosts when i’m with my friends
or when i’m all alone, i don’t talk to my friends anymore
it’s been about two years since we last spoke
do you still follow me everywhere i go?
what do you think of this song?
do you like the boys i’ve been with?
i don’t really like them
guess we all have to learn lessons
washed out by the light, still alive purely from spite
from different floors at 3AM to being alone all night
i’d rather be alone then with people i don’t like
i’m the type of sweet that sticks way too easily
try to wash me out, but i stain everything
bad feelings don’t blend well with bad tastes in your mouth
i enjoy your company could you please stay around
Track Name: Coffin
climb into my coffin, sleep right next to me
we could do nothing for eternity
melt our bones together creating porcelain
gaze at the remains of our former velvet skin
i like how my body fits right into yours
we are laying still but i can still
feel your heart against my head
we are sleeping together in my bed
one day sweetheart, we’ll sleep until we’re dead
Track Name: Druzy
practicing astral projection
i don’t feel any different
bring me a cleaver, i’ll cut myself clean
smile back with lipstick on my teeth
when you look at the moon, do you think of me?
Track Name: Right
i think you’re right
i don’t want to argue with you
what good does arguing do?
your hands on the steering wheel
my hands are wringing in my lap
i think you’re right
Track Name: Far Out
another night
friend’s house
damn right wasted
far out, feeling it, fucked up, far out
it’s the part of me that makes me sick
i’m so out of luck and full of shit
Track Name: Faster
i don’t wanna move faster
stay in one place
i can’t lift my heels any faster
i don’t wanna move faster
dig my feet in the sand
close the door and sleep ‘till the morning
moving too slow
i dont’ wanna give in this just doesn’t feel right
am i wasting my time wating for the right time
and when that time comes am i gonna run out
can i look you in the face and say it’s not working?